In  July and August 2011 Tsunza villagers had the chance of spending some time with Spanish and Italian volunteers sent by Children of Africa Association (based in Spain) and Maisha Safi Association (based in Italy). These two small associations are partners in the same enterprise and dreams, making of underdeveloped areas in Kenya a better place.

Currently, their projects are concentrated in the rural village of Tsunza, one of the 5 poorest districts in Kenya. Among their achievements this year, we have the improvement of the public library constructed last year, the construction of a workshop where carpentry and other activities take place, the construction of a new kitchen-store, reinforcement lessons, the construction of a water tank, banana plantation, tomato plantation, AIDS awareness projects (Tsunza 4 Life), and the ongoing construction of one of the best medical dispensaries in the area.

Out of the teachings brought by the Catalan volunteer Anna Planas, organizer of Tsunza 4 Life Program, who also engaged herself in teaching how to make bracelets, speeches about AIDS, sexuality, health, women's empowerment, and many more activities, a new project came to life: TSUNZA 4 LIFE WOMEN'S GROUP.

The main objective of these group is to provide rural women with tools, ideas, training and raw materials to gather together and become stronger. They want to become a recognized part of society, they want to be heard, they want to be valued, they want equality. A way to achieve this is by contributing to their families income, and that's the reason why they have engaged themselves in bracelet making, soap manufacturing and other economic activities that will foster their autonomy. 

Now they are also dreaming and working hard, not only feeding babies and cleaning the house. Let's dream together...